At the end of the day it’s all about solving problems.

Our no-nonsense philosophy is based on direct communication, empathy for clients’ problems and sincere approach, We create projects that are not only visually attractive but also respond to the clients’ needs.

  • TV series opening titles

    Druga Szansa

    We’ve designed the opening credits sequence for the most anticipated TV-series of the season! We chose modern simplicity as the key for creating a timeless design that evolves with the series. Adam Plluciński (MOVE) created a set of photographs that speak volumes about the high calibre of the production.

  • tv series opening

    Powiedz tak!

    "Powiedz Tak!" is a bold, romantic TV-series produced for one of the biggest TV-stations in Poland. Our job was to prepare the visual identity of the series. This required us to create not only the logo, but the opening credits and all on-screen communication as well.

  • tv series opening


    We have prepared the complete visual identity for a tale of struggling firefighters clashing head-on with dangerous flames - both literal and figurative. The concept was to bring a series of stills to life, showing the inevitability of fire as a symbol of diversity.

  • Branded content

    Europe with Famicord

    We’ve prepared a unique tourist guide showing must-see places in 8 destinations across Europe as a project for Havas S&E. We’ve created the concept, content, design and printed over 500 copies of the book to send to selected business partners of FamiCord Group.

  • B2B marketing

    Breakfast with Colgate

    To show their business partners great results of their common efforts, C-P decided to prepare personalized newspapers for each of them, with a small breakfast pack as a gift.

    Campaign was followed by a mini-site with a presentation of new products and quiz android app helping to choose best from Colgate products as solutions to oral health problems.

  • book covers

    Katarzyna Grochola

    We’ve designed covers for a unique, special edition series of books that sum up the writings of one of the best and most popular Polish writers - Katarzyna Grochola.

  • Print & digital

    Wiśniowy Business Park

    To help refresh the image of WBP we’ve prepared a new website and a brochure showing unique values of the investment. Our main goal was to create clear structure of communication common for all future print and digital materials for WBP.

  • visual identity

    3 one office

    3ONE had a mission to change Cracow’s skyline and to bring modern office space on the bank of Vistula river - in close proximity to the Old Town. That’s why they needed a contemporary visual identity, that would let them stand out.

  • 360° campaign


    When looking for a way to help your liver - try Lagosa! To help relaunch the product, we've prepared a 360 degree campaign covering a tv spot, website and print materials both for patients and doctors.

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We thrive in all visually conscious environments. Ideas are our priorities, that’s why we do not limit ourselves to a specific sets of tools or technical solutions. This is our key to retaining a creative and fun workflow.

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